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Signing Up

Can I sign up a group of people?

Sure! When you sign up to pack, each session will show the number of spots that are still open. Be sure to pick a session that has room to accommodate your group.

What ages can participate?

Please follow the student-to-adult ratio when registering to volunteer:

  • Grade 10-12: 5 students to 1 adult
  • Grade 7-9: 4 students to 1 adult
  • Grade 3-6: 3 students to 1 adult
  • Grade K-2: 1 student to 1 adult

The minimum age to volunteer is 5 years old. However, we recommend that groups of youth be 3rd grade and older.

Children under 13 need their parents’ approval to run the sealers.

Do you have any dates that are not on the list?

We can, occasionally, accommodate requests for special sessions. Our team is made up of volunteers and thus we need to work around job schedules and other commitments. Email your request to  Please include the number of volunteers anticipated,  age range of volunteers, as well as date and time you prefer.

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Our Locations

Where are you located?

We have locations at The Urban Refuge in Minneapolis and Evergreen Community Church in Bloomington. Visit our directions page.

Where can I park?

At the Minneapolis (Fill Their Plate) location, feel free to park in our parking lot or along the street. We only ask that you avoid parking on the north side of 55th Street—our neighbors have requested this and we want to honor that.

At the Bloomington (Hope Full) location, feel free to park in the parking lot.

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Packing the Food

What will I be doing?

A packing session is a simple way to help feed the hungry and starving around the world. Volunteers pack the meals in four steps:


Sturdy plastic bags are filled with scoops of soy protein, dried vegetables, fortified vegetarian seasoning, and rice.


The food packets are checked to make sure they are the correct weight.


Excess air is removed from the packets and they are closed with a heat sealer. Once sealed, the food will remain fresh for three years.


The packets are packed in boxes for shipping to their destination. One box holds enough food to feed 216 children.

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What happens to the food after we pack it?

The food is stored until we have enough packed to ship. Then it is send on to feeding partners to nourish hungry children.

How much does the food cost?

Each meal costs 25 cents to purchase, pack, and ship. One box of food (216 meals) costs about $54.

Who pays for the food and the shipping?

Our funding comes from donations and monthly sponsorships from people like you. Just $20/month will fill five boxes with food and feed three children for a year!

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