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Support Us!

$91 will feed a child for an entire year….

We have two ways that you can send a donation to either the South Minneapolis or Bloomington locations:

Online Donations

You can make one-time or recurring donations online! You will need to create a profile.  Once that is done you can choose your location to designate your gift for and pay via credit card or bank account.

Support Fill Their Plate (South Minneapolis) 

Support Hope Full (Bloomington)

Checks and Automatic Withdrawals

For one-time donations, make your check out with the following information:

  • South Minneapolis: Make the check out to “The Urban Refuge” and put “Fill Their Plate” in the memo field.
  • Bloomington: Make the check out to “Evergreen Church” and put “Hope Full” in the memo field.

Mail your check to:

Evergreen Church
ATTN: Finance Department
2300 E. 88th Street
Bloomington, MN 55425

To continue to feed hungry children on a monthly basis, fill out our Direct Contribution Authorization and send it to the address above.

What if I don’t want to give to a church?

Although the funds do go to a church, all donations to Fill Their Plate are considered “designated gifts.” That means that, by law, the funds cannot be used for any other purpose than supporting the work of this ministry. Neither will your gift go towards salaries as the packing locations are run by volunteers that donate their time and talents.